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100th Anniversary of World War I


          To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the conclusion of World War I, the Parma Hilton Historical Society is proud to unveil a new book honoring veterans who served from the local area–including Hilton, Parma, Hamlin, Greece, Spencerport, and Ogden. The inspiration for the book was a painting–an Honor Roll–commissioned by the Town of Parma and completed in 1919 by local artist B.A. Haines.

          Thousands of hours were spent researching what history told us were the one hundred men who answered our nation’s call for a war that British author H. G. Wells coined in 1914 as “The War That Will End War,” later changing it in 1918 to “the war to end war.”

Information gleaned from research visits to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., College Park, Maryland, and St. Louis, Missouri, further detail the sacrifices made both on and off the battlefields of Europe and at home in the United States. 

          In our own back yard are records and photographs, located in both the Village of Hilton Historian’s Office and the Town of Parma Historian’s office, which helped create the stories.  Included in our local collections are personal effects and mementos, donated from the families of veterans throughout the years.

          In addition to the “boots on the ground” approach, the authors of With Our Boys – Honor Roll, Tammy and Kyle Mullen, referenced on-line repositories, including digitized newspapers and volumes of military reports, to create a biographical snapshot of the life of each veteran. 

Hilton’s weekly newspaper, The Hilton Record, published from 1897 until 1975, contains a rich source of history not only about the men who once called Parma home, but showcases life in our community as well.  Tammy calls it the “Facebook of its time.” 

          Published in November of 2018, With Our Boys – Honor Roll, is the first book in a series of three, all of which will highlight the men and women of Parma who gave of themselves in service to others.