Summer Reading

Reading Logs

Starting June 21

For both kids and teens, reading logs can be picked up at the Parma Public Library whenever we're open. You just need to keep track of how long you're reading - for every five hours you spend reading you can come turn in your reading log. (Make sure you fill out your name on the back!!!!)
There's no limit for how many reading logs you can turn in.
The readers who have turned in the most reading logs get a special prize!

The top reader age 0 - 4 win a Wooden Puzzle.
The top reader age 5 - 12 win a Summer Reading T-Shirt!
The top reader ager 13 - 19 wins a $25 Gift Card to Barnes and Noble.

Pick your reading log up at the Circulation Desk!


For Kids 0 - 12:

Prizes depend on when the reading log is turned in.
Reading logs are turned in to the front desk, and depending on what week it is, they'll give you a prize.

If there's a prize you want, make sure you have a reading log ready to turn in that week.

June 28th - July 3rd: Spikey Hedgehog Toy!

July 5th - 10th: Bendable Alpaca Toy!

July 12th - 17th: Animal Finger Puppet!

July 19th - 24th: Wooden Slinky Snake!

July 26th - 31st: Squishy Sea Creature!

August 2nd - 7th: Wind-Up Dinosaur!

August 9th - 14th: Bubbles!

August 16th - 21st: Animal Yo-Yo!

August 23rd - 28th: Pick any previous prize!! (If available).

For Teens

There are six total prizes teens can win. Each prize has a raffle box associated with it that is in the Teen display corner. When you've filled your reading logs, put the completed reading log in whatever raffle box you want to try and win.
Most prizes will have multiple winners!

The more logs you complete, the higher the chances that you will become one of those winners.

Pop Socket - 10 Winners
Drawstring Backpack - 20 Winners
Journal - 10 Winners
Aluminum Water Bottle - 20 Winners
Travel Mug - 10 Winners
8" Squishmallow, Melani the Sleepy-eyed Blue Fox - 1 Winner